Letter from David in UK




  大事故発生から2ヶ月以上が経ちました。この間、世界中にいる多くの私の友から温かい励ましの言葉をいただいてきました。特にDavidとは深い交流が続いています。                            (清水 信行)


  Dear Nobuyuki and Toshiko san
How are you?  I still feel very numb about the loss in Japan following the
great earthquake and tsunami.  I hope you and your family are well.
I think that you are now back in Iwaki.  Is your house OK?  Please give my
regards to Sachie san and Mina san,; I am thinking about them, too.
I also often think about Yumoto eki and Joban sen… they are so near to
the sea.  Then I think about Iwaki eki, Taira byu and Onahama.  How are
these places now?  I am so worried.
This November I am coming to Japan, much, much too late.  Can I come to see
you in Iwaki?  I very much want to.
My best wishes for a peaceful year.